Yoga Yay!

14 10 2014

Sometimes it's really puzzling how thoughts can influence reality, right?

Not that I practice it consciously - I tried a bit though, when "The Secret" became a hit - but eventually gave up due to too little determination.

In the past weeks I thought quite often about my yoga mat and where it could possibly be hidden in one of the 100 boxes we haven't unpacked after our move and which are stored in the cellar.

Because I am longing to start yoga again to balance out the time spent sitting and working at my studio desk.

Well... great timing - exactly then I received an e-mail from with the offer to test some of their yoga products.

I really like the calming vibe of their website and the sustainable, eco-friendly products they offer, so I happily said yes.

I chose the ECO Yoga mat  in a beautiful grey - organically produced in Germany (and on sale right now!) - and a special Energy water bottle.

asana yoga

The glas bottle has an informed tag with positive vibes from pranas, music, mantra, thoughts, prayers etc. to help restructure the water. 

Informed products are backed by 30 years of research and innovation.

The bottle has an innovative design with colored rubber bands all around for a great grip and to protect the glas.

If you knock this bottle accidentally over during yoga class - and that has happened more than one time to me - it barely makes a sound and it doesn't roll away so you don't feel like disturbing the class.

I couldn't decide on one of the bright colors the bottle comes in and ended up choosing the white one.

Ok - I am all set! Happy Yoga!

Thanks to for this nice cooperation.

Happy Day,


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Designachten 2014 - Please Vote For Me And Win A Hat

11 10 2014

There is a Christmas designer show in my neighbor city I would love to be part of with my jewelry and my knits.

So I took the chance and applied for a space.

Out of many entries I made it to the last six.

But only two out of the six will get invited to participate in the show as newcomers.

The two labels with the most votes...

So I am asking for your help - could you please hop over to the voting and vote for me?

That would be super SUPER awesome!!!

And your chance to win a hat!

Please leave a comment here as well until 21st of October if you like to win one of my signature hand knitted Loopy Mango wool hats - your color choice.

The winner will be drawn randomly.

Thanks so much and good luck to both of us :-)

Happy Day,


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Autumn Leaves

09 10 2014

autumn leafs

autumn leafs

autumn leafs

autumn leafs

Oh my - I knitted about 40 hats in the last days plus wool and jewelry orders, making, packing, shipping, running to the post office...

But I am not complaining at all - it's wonderful and I feel very fortune to do what I love to do!

I took last Friday off because it was a holiday in Germany and we went for a little hike and a bonfire afterwards. 

It was beautiful fall day and these are some of the pictures I took. 

Happy Day,


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Kinda True...5

30 09 2014


Sounds like a good place to sit, right?

I found this quote on Pinterest

and it's from the blog So Shay .

I actually hadn't heard the word BOMBDIGGITY

before, so I goggled it.

Does it mean some sort of "super awesome"?

And the quote has a "great-time-all-is-well" kinda meaning?

Then let's all sit down at this corner :-)

I am definitely having a good time right now.

Lots of work in my studio, thats why it's a bit quiet here on the blog.

My chunky knitted hat is a bomb in my shop with many orders on it.

Very grateful for that. 

Back to this quote: I really like the watercolor writing and want to try it too.

Here and here are great tutorials.

I just have to find time to do it...

Happy Day,


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