Kinda True...1

30 07 2014

lebenslustiger.comThe kids got their report today and we are finally on summer break for 6 weeks!

What a long school year it has been...

We will go on a short vacation to Spain soon and then plan to spent the rest of the time at home on  our deck or at the near by pool/lake. Hopefully the weather will be nice.

Our daughter (11) will be in Ponyland for a week and our son (14) will do canoe and tennis camps.

But still there will be plenty of time left for online activities.

Too much for my taste.

What about you? Do you limit the time your kids spent online on YouTube or gaming on devices?

And if so, what alternatives besides sports do you suggest or offer? Especially for boys?

I find that difficult. 

And very different to my own childhood.

Back then we had also a 6 week break and it felt like as it would never end...endless summer.

With nothing to do and plenty of self-determination. 

I would spent my days on the bike and my parents didn't know where I went or what I did.

Happy Summer,



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MakroMonday: Market Blues

28 07 2014

cornflower and chamomile by

cornflower and chamomile by

cornflower and chamomile by

cornflower and chamomile by

Happy Summer Week with MakroMonday


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Soon In My Shops...

25 07 2014

In less than 5 months we will celebrate Christmas!

Isn't that crazy how time flys by? Is that a cosmic thing or is it just me?

So I am already working on stocking up my shops.

Currently I work on these natural gemstone pendants. I love the beautiful, soft colors!

These gemstones are absolutely natural with no artificial color treatment. 

natural gemstone hearts by

It's difficult to find those gemestones these days because they are often treated to create lot's of the same color.

But all these here are one-of-a-kind!

For example the light turquoise one is a Larimar, the large green heart is Chrysopras and the taupe crystal heart is Amethyst.

natural gemstone hearts by

natural gemstone hearts by

natural gemstone hearts by

Soon in my Shops...

Happy Weekend,


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Urban Jungle Bloggers - How Do I Water My Plants?

24 07 2014

Well - choosing my new plants for the apartment and the deck was a lot of fun but I have to admit that I didn't spent a single thought on how I will water them or - an even more pressing question with vacation time around the corner - someone else will have to water them. Especially with that heat wave going on in Germany right now. 

It's not that I have no experience with potted plants or with gardening in general - I have owned and taken care of large gardens in the past but I kind of have forgotten (suppressed really...) the fact, that having plants means also there is responsibility and regular work involved. 

Like with all living things, right? 

I don't mind. Having plants in the house is a wonderful thing. They are like family members. And especially the large plants create a kind of protecting and embracing feeling in a good sense.

urban jungle bloggers

For now we will keep watering them with a can but my neighbor told me that there are hose adapters for kitchen spouts available. So I will definitely check out those in the next days.

urban jungle bloggers

urban jungle bloggers

urban jungle bloggers

Happy Summerday,


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