3D Cube-Style Crochet Coasters

15 06 2015 DIY

If you have been on my blog before you might have seen our wonderful round solid oak table. (For example in this post)

The smooth surface of the table is just left natural and besides a light oil finish there is no protection especially against liquids.

But not only wood can react to spills - many other natural materials like marble for example are sensitiv too.

So I came up with some modern and stylish 3D cube-style crochet coasters which work perfect for hot cups of tea or what ever your favourite drink – warm or cold – might be.

Full DIY tutorial on how to tapestry crochet these cool 3D cube-style coasters by lebenslustiger.com

They also make great little gifts to bring at the next dinner party invitation ;-)

Plus you can work on them everywhere - don’t you love those little handwork projects you can work on while waiting somewhere?

You will make a set of 6 coasters in no time...

I have chosen two different grey tones – one lighter and the other one darker – and a beige and added splashes of colour in light peach, vanilla and orange.

Of course you can choose any colour combination you like.

I would just make sure to have a lighter and a darker shade and a contrasting third colour so the 3D effect will show.

I used a 4mm mercerised cotton yarn for crocheting because I liked the festive touch of the shimmer and the sturdiness oft the finished coaster. The technique I am using is tapestry crochet and I will walk you through step by step. Material list: I used “DROPS Muskat Mercerized” 100% Cotton but any other cotton yarn will do
  • Gauge: 10x10cm (4“x4“) 21st x 28 rows
  • Weight: 50gr (1.8 oz) = 100m (109yds)
  • 19 light grey
  • 24 medium grey
  • 10 peach
  • 51 light orange
  • 30 vanilla yellow
  • 23 beige

Tools you need:

  • Crochet hook 4,5mm (UK7, US7)
  • Needles: 4mm or 4,5mm (US6 or 7/UK6 or 7)
  • Scissors
  • Needle to sew in the endings

A finished coaster has a hexagonal shape with the sides being about 5-6cm long and the diagonal about 10cm.

Full DIY tutorial on how to tapestry crochet these cool 3D cube-style coasters by lebenslustiger.com

Start: Yarn light grey

  • Ch 13

Row 1: position your second colour - orange in my case - to travel inside each grey Sc

  • Yarn light grey Sc1 in 2nd Ch from hook, Sc9

Now and in every row...

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Big Loop Knitted Hat Tutorial

29 08 2014 DIY

Oh I know I know...none of us want's to talk about fall and winter yet, but fact is, the nights are getting colder and the season change is lingering in the air.

But I have something for you to sweeten the farewell of summer:

A super cozy and chunky hat tutorial.

So fun to make and wear!

Chunky Hat Tutorial by Lebenslustiger.com

Chunky Hat Tutorial by Lebenslustiger.com

It's made of Loopy Mango Big Loop yarn which is available in my Shop or directly at Loopy Mango NY.

You can also use any other mega chunky yarn.

The pattern is similar to the Helsinki hat by Loopy Mango but less in height and I used much thinner needles, because I didn't have thicker ones.

This wool is just gorgeous and my goal was, not to waste even a tiny bit of this precious yarn.

So I wanted to get two hats out of a 36m skein - and it worked!

Here come the patterns for an adult size hat and a kids size hat with a fun bobble on top. 

For two hats you will need:

- About 36m of Big Loop Yarn

- A set of needles size 15mm/US size 19 ( if you have needles size 20mm/US size 36 and you want to use those, please keep in mind, that you might need more yarn)

If you want to use circular needles instead of a set there is a technique called "magic-loop-method".

Someone recently mentioned it to me in the comment section in one of my other tutorials. But I haven't tried that technique yet.

Ok! Let's start with the adult version (and of course you can also add the bobble to the adult version!!!)

Adult hat pattern 

Round 1: Cast on 18 Stitches 

The yarn length you need for casting on is about 3m. Don't pull too tight while casting on.

Generally it's better to knit this yarn fairly loose because you are using small needles for this size of yarn. The yarn needs to be able to breathe a bit.

Make sure there is no twist when you connect to a loop. 

Chunky Hat Tutorial by Lebenslustiger.com Chunky Hat Tutorial by Lebenslustiger.com


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