FFF - Neon

30 11 2012

1.) Great this week? Photographed a lot neon...
2.) Sucks? Almost No natural light right now...(no picture)
3.) Soon you will cook...? Can't cook... :-)
4.) Baking or buying? Buying - can't bake either... :))
5.) A dream? Neon wool is available everywhere now...

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Happy weekend Lovelys!!!


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29 11 2012

I'm always fascinated by the coziness of moss; it's filigree structures and the beautiful shades of green.

This is the other advent wreath I told you about yesterday and I decorated it with just some natural pin cones and four candles in maison jars. 

More coziness today hier!

Have a happy day,


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Advent Advent...

28 11 2012

...soon the first candle will be lit...

We celebrate Advent with a wreath and four candles - one for each Sunday before Christmas.

I like to buy my wreaths at the Waldorfschool bazaar because it is a nice way to support the school.

This year I came home with a mistletoe wreath and four adorable wooden star candle holders.

They were a dollar and fifty cents each inclusive candles and are made by the students.

Aren't they beautiful?

I also liked those "flower balls" a lot.

I bought one additional wreath, but will show that one tomorrow...

until then... 

...have a happy day,


Waldorfschool Bazaar

27 11 2012

Last Sunday our local Waldorf school hosted their annual Christmas boutique.

I love to go because all the rooms are decorated with greenery and candles and many traditional Waldorf goodies are for sale.

Beautiful crafts along with delicious cakes, cookies, jams, sirups and and and...are made by parents and students.

My children attended a Waldorfschool when we lived in California - so this wakes sweet memories for me. 

Now - living in Germany - my son Olv and my daughter Jette go to a public school.

I still ponder from time to time if this was the right decision - especially when I come home from visiting the Waldorf school...

Just look at these wonderful chalkboard pictures and those amazing art studies. 

So hard to pick the right school for your children, don't you agree?

Do you have any experience with alternative school systems?

I would love to hear about it! 

This coming year my daughter will enter fifth grade and with that a new school. Will it be the Waldorf school?

We don't know yet.

I will keep you posted!

Have a happy day,